Where travelers once held photos of Flat Stanley in unusual places, New England innkeeper photographers are now shooting photos of a humble red chair. Long considered simply a place to rest one’s buttocks, the lowly wooden chair has been elevated to celebrity status, and is being welcomed at inns and B&B throughout New England. One thing is for sure.  The Red Chair has really figured out the better way to stay, and it comes with doilies and without doilies!  In fact, as it moves from inn to inn, the Red Chair’s stardom grows, to the point that it now attracts a crowd anxious to have a photo with the superstar and paparazzi have begun to follow it. One thing is for sure. 

To date ”Red” has been to the top of Maine’s Cadillac Mountain and New Hampshire’s Mount Washington.  It’s seen the beach and the cliff walk of Newport, RI, the rocky coast of Midcoast Maine and numerous gardens, parks and caves in New Hampshire.  Over the next three months, it will make its way to the Connecticut shoreline, Vermont’s Green Mountains and Northeast Kingdom and many stops throughout New Hampshire.  From there it will travel to the Berkshires of Massachusetts, then into Boston and finish up on North of Boston then in Massachusetts southern towns.  At each stop, the Red Chair will visit another inn or B&B where it will be photographed amidst the beauty of the building and its surroundings.

“This is as much an artistic expression of the beauty surrounding inns and B&Bs in New England as it is a message of B&B hospitality,” said Beth Colt, owner of the Red Chair and initiator of its journey.  “The Red Chair has developed a personality as it provides the ideal journey for the armchair traveler throughout New England, and spreading the word about the better way to stay” said Colt enthusiastically.

 A little history

Throughout sping 2012, the Red Chair developed a personality of its own being photographed by innkeepers in communities from one end of Cape Cod to the otherfrom beaches to bandstands.  Yet it really started last winter with a single image.  Woods Hole Inn innkeeper Beth Colt posted a picture on Facebook of her simple red chair perched on the ice behind her house and watched her page light up with “likes”.  The picture was shared on the Facebook page of Julie Ann Cromer, a photographer from Santa Barbara, CA, who was inspired by the image to visit the Woods Hole Inn. Julie’s visit resulted in a beautiful photo of the chair on Nobska Beach now hanging at the Woods Hole Inn.  Colt blogged about the chair and soon interested fans were asking for more.  This inspired Colt to share the chair with other innkeepers, sending it on a journey through towns and villages throughout Cape Cod last spring.  As innkeepers all over the Cape were inspired by the chair it has taken on a personality of its own, and now as it travels to each New England state, its celebrity status grows!

For a compilation of the stories from each of the Red Chair’s visits, stay updated at www.redchairtravels.com.  Hover your mouse over the photos for a description.

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