Each year just about this time we begin formulating our new years resolutions.  For many, the pledge comes down to one concept:  Live better, love more, laugh often.  Luckily for all you resolute do-betters, today’s inns and B&Bs offer the ideal resolution solution.

We turned to USA.gov for a list of the most popular New Years resolutions and it became quickly obvious that today’s inns and B&Bs offer the answer.  Let’s take a look.

1. Take A Trip: Here’s the most obvious one.  If you’re looking for more travel, discover a better way to say by kissing the hotel or motel goodbye and opting for a B&B this time around.  With 25,000 inns and B&Bs in the U.S. and Canada, each offering different décor and hospitality experiences, you’re bound to find enough choices nearby offering just what you want for a year’s worth of  trips.

2. Eat Healthy Food: Innkeepers know the way to their guests’ heart is through their stomachs.  Breakfast is half the B&B’s name and innkeepers make providing a healthy and hearty start to the day their priority.  Surveys of innkeepers show that a focus on serving locally produced, healthy foods is a priority for innkeepers.  Plus, all innkeepers are always happy to accommodate vegan, gluten free and low calorie preferences when guests ask.  Their recipe box is filled to the brim with versatile recipes and their sources are local and often farm-to-table.

3. Manage Stress:  Here’s the place inns and B&Bs really shine. Leave all the stress behind and discover how innkeepers provide the better way to stay.  From a relaxed check in process to offering excellent insight into local attractions, restaurants and fun, innkeepers focus on all the small deals to deliver the most stress-free and relaxing getaway possible.  Add distinctive décor, plenty of romantic amenities, fabulous food, and all the stress-points hotels and motels throw at you are eliminated in today’s inns and B&Bs.

4.Save Money: Take a trip and the extras add up quickly anywhere else but at an inn or B&B. Leave your wallet in your pocket because breakfast, beverages and snacks are all on the house.  On top of that more than 95% of inns offer free wi-fi and parking.  No need to tip the bellman; your innkeeper will help with the luggage too.  When all is said and done, the savings add up to as much as $150 savings over a hotel stay when you choose the right inn or B&B.

If we’ve got you convinced, visit www.BetterWayToStay.com and click on Find a Location.  This year, make finding a better way to stay your resolution solution.


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