Today’s inns and B&Bs are burying old stereotypes about B&Bs. You may not realize this, but more than 95% of inns and B&Bs offer free wi-fi and a complimentary breakfast that blows the frozen waffles at your typical hotel or motel away. Plus many offer complimentary snacks and refreshments, free parking, TVs and always – honest local service with a smile. It’s time we buried these old stereotypes and showed the world that today’s inns and B&Bs are a Better Way to Stay.

 MOVE OVER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES, IT’S TIME FOR A MORE IMPORTANT VOTE. Now is the time to put Presidential politics aside. The destiny of the doily is at stake.

The Presidential primaries are nearing an  end and the candidates are lining up.  It’s now time to take a break from Presidential politics and move on to more important issues.  The B&B industry asks travelers to set aside the political ambitions of Republicans and Democrats and focus on more important issues…the destiny of the doily at today’s inns and B&Bs.

The Better Way To Stay campaign asks all loyal Americans and Canadians to choose their party – Pro Doily or No Doily – in Doily Decision 2012, a ground breaking popular vote sure to guide legislation into the future.

The Pro Doily party is setting the doily stimulus package at the forefront of their campaign, running on a platform of freedom to crochet for all. “A doily on every surface,” is the mantra of the Pro Doily party, lobbying for tax-free status for doilies among other amendments.

The No Doily party maintains doily reform is long overdue, with doily anarchy having gone on long enough at inns and B&Bs.  “Death to Doilies” is the cry of the No Doily Party promising to support capital punishment for doilies and vowing to put an end to doily excess, while eliminating doilies from every bureau in the country.

It’s time to cast your vote on the destiny of the doily.  Choose your party and vote for the future of the doily at today’s inns and B&Bs.  There’s a doily filled or doily free B&B for every traveler.  Diversity is at the forefront of the B&B experience. Cast your vote in Doily Decision 2012, then find the B&B that’s perfectly decorated for your taste.