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Participating Inns and B&Bs


B&Bs Kick Gas! Gas prices are rising and innkeepers are coming to the rescue with a “kick gas” promotion. To help relieve pain at the pump for travelers, inns and B&Bs throughout the U.S. and Canada are going the extra mile offering gas saving of all kinds.

Kick high hotel parking fees, cookie cutter room designs, toaster-waffles breakfasts and exorbitant hotel fees to the curb. This year travelers will enjoy a welcome with a smile, warm hospitality and plenty of extra value at North America’s inns and B&Bs offering complimentary breakfasts, refreshments, beverages, wi-fi and much more, plus packages designed to help drivers save at the pumps.

Look for special offers from inns and B&Bs coast-to-coast extending gas deals, gas rebates, car tune ups, rewards for eco-friendly drivers, and fuel-efficient driving tips. And while you refuel the body, mind and soul at a country inn or B&B, your car will benefit and so will your wallet.

No need to stay sidelined this year. Search through the B&Bs Kick Gas! promotions by city and state then join innkeepers in getting pumped for travel this spring and summer.

Oh snap.

Sorry but it seems that there are no participating inns in that area. Be sure to tell your favorite inn to sign up!